7 Feasts

7 Feasts

Erin Davis


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It’s hard to know when you read about the Feast of Booths why exactly it matters for your life. What in the world is the Feast of Trumpets supposed to be teaching you? And, in this case, the text itself doesn’t tell you. You need a resource, a guide that can help you understand the cultural significance and how these feasts relate to the rest of the Bible.

That’s exactly what Erin Davis does in this 8-week Bible study, 7 Feasts. She’ll teach you:

-The significance of these feasts and why God wanted His people to celebrate
-How each of them point to Jesus and His work in redemption
-Why all of this matters for our lives today

Discover that passages you once skimmed over are now rich and meaningful in your life today.

Soft cover, 192 pages
7 x 9.5 inches

Watch Erin teach through this study.
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