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A Parent’s Guide to Lies Boys Believe

Erin Davis, Jason Davis


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Lies are powerful. Your son has a persistent enemy who seeks to deceive and rob him of the confidence and strength he has in Jesus. But you can help him fill his heart with God’s Truth so that he can stand strong.
A Parent’s Guide to Lies Boys Believe, a companion book to Lies Boys Believe, is your tool to come alongside your son in the fight against lies. This unique and Bible-centered resource teaches your son the Truth he will need to navigate the challenges he is facing. Join the fight against lies using this guide, packed with encouragement and biblical insight. Written by two experienced parents with a house full of boys and a heart to raise up a generation of Truth-seekers, you’ll be empowered to talk with your son and push back against the Deceiver.
Together, these books give you the tools you need to start important conversations. A Parent’s Guide to Lies Boys Believe will help you:
  • Develop and communicate a right theology of lies and Truth to your son
  • Initiate meaningful ongoing conversations about the topics like: the gospel, God’s Word, entertainment choices, self-control, and more.
  • Build a Word-centered home

Softcover, pages 128
For ages 8–12

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