Becoming Elisabeth Elliot

Becoming Elisabeth Elliot

Ellen Vaughn


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Elisabeth Elliot was a young missionary in Ecuador when members of a violent Amazonian tribe savagely speared her husband, Jim, and his four colleagues. Incredibly, prayerfully, Elisabeth took her toddler daughter, snakebite kit, Bible, and journal . . . and lived in the jungle with the Stone Age people who killed her husband. Compelled by her friendship and forgiveness, many came to faith in Jesus.

In this authorized biography, bestselling author Ellen Vaughn uses Elisabeth’s private, unpublished journals, and candid interviews with her family and friends, to paint the adventures and misadventures God used to shape one of the most influential women in modern church history. For Elisabeth, the central question was not, “How does this make me feel?” but, simply, “Is this true?” If so, the next question was, “What do I need to do about it to obey God?” Be inspired to submit to God’s will, no matter how high the cost.

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