TW10 Chatt - Girls Gone Wise by Mary Kassian CD

True Woman ’10 Chattanooga – Girls Gone Wise by Mary Kassian – CD

Mary Kassian


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Girls have gone wild! And it’s a phenomenon that goes far beyond the college-aged ones who expose themselves on camera for the sake of a dare and a T-shirt. The Bible challenges us to evaluate direction. It paints a portrait of two proto-typical women–one who’s wild and one who’s wise. The saucy, seductive Wild Thing is the type that society upholds as the ideal. But the smart, biblically savvy Wise Thing is the model for all women who want to live according to God’s spectacular design. Wild or wise. Do you know the difference? Join Mary as she uses a story in Proverbs to outline the points of contrast between these two types of women. 1 CD

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