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True Woman ’22 Breakouts: Christ-Centered Home

Amanda Kassian, Jani Ortlund


This CD contains the following messages:

Open Heart, Open Home: Hospitality and the Gospel — Amanda Kassian

Can you change the world by opening your home? Consider the current cultural battles that are leading to isolation then open your Bible to see how God defines true hospitality. Receive practical insight into how to apply what you learn in your everyday life and catch a vision for what a difference hospitality can make.

Building a Spiritual Legacy for Your Children—and Theirs—to the Tenth Generation! — Jani Ortlund

Raising a Christian family is both thrilling and sobering. This breakout will explore what the children in your life need and how the Lord will enter in as you help them to “set their hope in God” (Psalm 78:7). Jani will share how she and her husband are asking and believe God to do in the lives of their own children and grandchildren–to the tenth generation.

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