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True Woman ’22 Breakouts: Facing Difficult Circumstances

Judy Dunagan, Karen Ellis


This CD contains the following two messages:

Persecution, Perseverance, and the Key to Sustaining Faith — Karen Ellis

How have ancient and contemporary saints persevered under anti-Christian hostility? Is there a common denominator to the invisible Church’s faithfulness throughout the ages? K.A. Ellis shares stories, discusses stealth methodologies, and points the way to the Sustainer of faith. Join Karen for this casual and private talk about the persecuted and persevering Church, and what we can learn today to prepare for a stealthy, costly, and productive Christianity.

Finding Freedom from Fear — Judy Dunagan

Fear is on the rise, even for those who have walked with Christ for many years. Saturated in Scripture, this breakout will explore practical ways to combat fear through praise and worship, praying Scripture, borrowing hope, and choosing to remember.

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