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True Woman ’22 Breakouts: Food and Fasting

Erin Davis, Asheritah Ciuciu


This CD contains the following two messages:

A Practical Guide to Fasting — Erin Davis

Does the mention of fasting make you feel instantly “hangry”? Do you associate skipping meals with crash diets? Do you wonder what food and prayer have to do with each other? Let Bible teacher Erin Davis help you understand what God’s Word really says about fasting. She’ll provide enthusiastic encouragement and practical ideas for how to implement this powerful discipline in your own life.

Food Is Not the Enemy: Discover Freedom from Food Fixation — Asheritah Ciuciu

Most women have struggled with food their entire lives—whether running to it for comfort or obsessing over calorie counting and macronutrients. Jesus wants to set us free from our food fixation and lead us into food freedom, a place where we find our fullness and satisfaction in Christ alone. In this session, discover what the Bible says about food, and how to turn your food triggers into spiritual growth triggers that propel you closer to Jesus and a life of freedom.

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