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True Woman ’22 Breakouts: Parenting

Dannah Gresh, Kathryn Butler, Janet Mylin


These two messages are included on this CD:

How to Talk to Your Daughter about Gender — Dannah Gresh, Shani McKenzie, Janet Mylin

There was a time when we would never have dreamed of needing a workshop like this, right? Not only is the topic of gender prevalent; it’s polarizing, dividing friends, families and even the Body of Christ. If you’re a mom who feels scared and ill-equipped for this conversation, you need to know something: you are not alone. The True Girl lead teachers have joined forces to facilitate this workshop for moms and grandmas with girls at all developmental stages, especially tweens (ages 7–12).

Point Your Kids to the Gospel with Great Stories — Kathryn Butler

We’ve all seen the delight on our kids’ faces as the treasures of Narnia and Middle Earth, Neverland, and Green Gables spill over into their lives. J.R.R. Tolkien postulated that great stories thrill us because they reflect the truth for which we yearn: our redemption in Christ. Join us for a discussion of how the best stories glitter with gospel threads, and how we can use such narrative arcs to point our kids to Christ.

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