Adorned Scripture Memory Cards

When Nancy was around six or seven years old, she received a birthday card from a woman who was a friend of her parents, encouraging her to memorize one verse every week for the next year. This friend likened those verses to pearls, and said at the end of the year Nancy would have a necklace of fifty-two pearls—verses to hang in her heart.

Nancy has been greatly blessed by the practice of meditating on and memorizing God’s Word. When we meditate deeply on a verse, to the point that we have it memorized, it becomes part of us and will always be there – just when we need it most!

Revive Our Hearts has designed a special pack of Adorned Scripture Memory cards to help you get into God’s Word… and to let His Word get into you.

(each card size 3.5” x 2”, 14 cards)

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Category: adorned, Scripture memory

Type: Bookmarks

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