Becoming God's True Woman: While I Still Have a Curfew

by Susan Hunt and Mary A. Kassian

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You're becoming a young woman. Do you wonder what the days and years ahead hold for you? Who did God make you to be? What kind of person will you become? What does God's Word say about things like beauty, friendships, guys, and dating?

In this study, Susan and Mary will help you filter through all the popular advice to discover God's exciting plan for your womanhood. You'll learn how to avoid mistakes, make smart choices, and stay on the right path for the future.

There are some fun "Time for You" journaling sections. Plus, you'll hear thoughts and stories from other girls like you.  

(Soft cover, 176 pages)

This book is part of the True Woman Books series.

Download a sample chapter of Becoming God's True Woman . . . While I Still Have a Curfew.



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