Esther: The Exile Queen (A 30-Day Devotional Booklet)

by Revive Our Hearts

At first glance, Esther had a fairy tale experience - being whisked away by a king who was enthralled by her beauty. The truth is that Esther lived more like a slave than a princess. Her environment proved hostile to her faith, her people, and her God. The way she trusted God's plan while facing challenging circumstances can show us many things about living in an antagonistic world. This month-long, devotional booklet was inspired by the ROH radio series on Esther, and is designed to give you daily moments of reflection while you follow the in-depth teaching on Esther from Nancy Leigh DeMoss. (Each day contains a Bible verse, devotional thoughts, and questions of reflection to help make it personal in your life and walk with God.)


(8.5" x 5.5" booklet, 34 pages)

Collections: Devotional Life

Category: devotional, Esther

Type: Booklets & Pamphlets

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