Santidad (Holiness - Spanish)

by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Este es el tercer tomo de la serie Aviva nuestros corazónes. La autora ofrece principios prácticos para vivir una vida santa y un corazón encendido para Dios. Muchas veces se piensa que santidad es un concepto muy abstracto y sin nada que ver con nuestra vida diaria. El pensamiento de ser "santo"" evoca imágenes de una persona pesimista y cerrada que vive como si fuera un monje. Al contrario, santidad no es algo agobiante, el pecado es la verdadera carga pesada de la vida. La autora nos guía en nuestro viaje para que sea una experiencia llena de Dios, que únicamente viene cuando nuestra vida es santa y nuestro corazón es puro. Disponible en inglés de Moody Publishers.

This is the third volume in the Revive Our Hearts series. The author offers practical principles for living a holy life and a fervent heart for God. It is often thought that holiness is a very abstract concept and has nothing to do with our daily life. The thought of being "holy" evokes images of a pessimistic and closed person who lives as if he were a monk. On the contrary, holiness is not something overwhelming, but sin is the true heavy burden of life. Experience a God-filled journey which only comes when our lives are holy and our hearts are pure.


Why should we be holy? What difference does holiness make in our everyday lives? And what difference could a holy church make in an unholy world? In this third book of the Revive Our Hearts trilogy, Holiness: the Heart God Purifies, Nancy Leigh DeMoss challenges us to think about these questions and to ultimately discover what it means to be holy. With her compelling mix of profound biblical insight and personal example, Nancy shares a message that is a stirring challenge to choose the pathway of holiness so that our lives will radiate the splendor of our holy God. 

(Softcover, 8.5" x 5.5, 144 páginas)

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