How to Be Good and Angry by Paul David Tripp (DVD)

The Revive Our Hearts message, "What Makes You Angry" comes from Paul David Tripp's series, "Good and Angry."

We experience anger every day. It seems so natural.

But not all anger is wrong. As Paul David Tripp teaches, anger is also a very good quality. Our God is filled with holy anger and we must share in His character.

As God's image-bearers we have the capacity for godly anger. But sin has corrupted our hearts, so we also have the capacity for resentment and hatred. What started out as good becomes selfish and destructive

Don't try to manage your anger by putting a lid on it. Deal with the root problems get biblical hope as you face it.

The Bible is shockingly honest about anger's cause and very encouraging about its cure.

This DVD set includes a reproducible discussion guide and six 25-minutes sessions.

Download small group guide.

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