Ruth: Message of Redemption & Revival (DVD)

Do you ever deal with difficult people? Whirlwind circumstances? Unfulfilled longings? Loneliness? Bitterness? Grief? If so, you can relate to the story of Ruth. Be reminded that God can redeem, revive, and restore any life, anytime, anywhere.

This set of 4 DVDs was taped at a conference. A companion workbook is available with five days of study for each DVD session. Perfect for small group studies!

Session 1  - Introduction to Ruth - 37 min.
Session 2  - Running, Rebuke, Repentance (Ruth 1:1-7) - 60 min.
Session 3  - Resolve (Ruth 1:8-18) - 56 min.
Session 4  - Resentment (Ruth 1:19-22) - 62 min.
Session 5  - Refuge (Ruth 2) - 40 min.
Session 6a - Request (Ruth 3) - 44 min.
Session 6b - Redemption, Restoration (Ruth 4) - 30 min.

Download message listener guide.

Download message answer key.

“This message was recorded in 1998, while the video quality isn’t at today’s standards, we trust you will be impacted by it’s timeless message.”

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Type: DVD-Message

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