Seeking Him

by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Tim Grissom

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Few of us experience the joy of personal revival. Our time spent with God is short and hurried, and we miss out on the intimacy He desires. To change this, we need to seek the Lord for contagious revival that begins in us and spreads to others. In Seeking Him, Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Tim Grissom show believers how to deepen their relationship with the Lord and enjoy a dynamic, intimate walk with Him.

In this twelve-week workbook, you'll learn what the Scriptures say on twelve crucial topics. This convicting yet encouraging resource is full of optional activities, memory verses, reflective questions, tips, facts, and inspiring quotes. Whether for individuals or group study, Seeking Him can point you on the path toward personal revival. (Bulk discounts available for a set of twelve and twenty-six books.)
Table of Contents:
  • Lesson 1: Revival: Who Needs It?
  • Lesson 2: Humility: Coming to God on His Terms
  • Lesson 3: Honesty: Silence Is Not Always Golden
  • Lesson 4: Repentance: The Big Turn Around
  • Lesson 5: Grace: God's Provision for Every Need
  • Lesson 6: Holiness: A Heart Like His
  • Lesson 7: Obedience: The Acid Test of Love
  • Lesson 8: Clear Conscience: Dealing with Offenses Toward Others
  • Lesson 9: Forgiveness: Setting Your Captives Free
  • Lesson 10: Sexual Purity: The Joy of Moral Freedom
  • Lesson 11: The Spirit-Filled Life: God's Power in You
  • Lesson 12: The Personal Devotional Life: "Seeking Him" Daily

(Softcover, 8.5 x 11, 264 Pages)


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