Titus 2 Tools: Building a Titus 2 Ministry

As an older woman entrusts the truths of the gospel to a younger woman, it is a sacred stewardship moment. Will she be a cul-de-sac or a conduit of these truths? Will she turn inward or outward looking for those who are a bit older or younger in their spiritual journey or life? The culmination of many years of teaching about, writing about and more importantly living out the reality of spiritual mothering, this book contains the answers to the most common questions in Women's Ministry. This tool will help women to be wise stewards of the gospel imperative found in Titus 2: to teach what accords with sound doctrine. This book is a sharp tool by which lives, homes, workplaces, marriages, friendships and churches will be transformed.

by Susan Hunt

(Softcover, 160 pages)

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Category: mentoring, women's ministry

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