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Beauty in the Broken

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth


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In a million little ways, pride rears its head in everyday life. It shows up in the way you respond to your spouse, how you interact with your coworkers, how you speak to your kids, and how you think about your neighbors. Humility—the opposite of pride—flows from a right understanding of who God is. As you deal with pride and choose the pathway of humility in your vertical relationship with Him, you’ll see profound changes in your horizontal relationships with others.

Beauty in the Broken: How Humility Changes Everything, a booklet adapted from Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s classic teaching on brokenness, will help you learn how to embrace humility, the virtue that changes everything.

This resource includes the timeless assessment, “Proud People vs. Broken People,” to equip you to cultivate a humble heart. 

Soft cover, 44 pages

Size: 4.5 x 7

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