Girls Gone Wise Accessory Bundle (Tote, Mug, Button)

Girls Gone Wise Accessory – Bundle (Tote, Mug, Button)


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Enjoy these accessories to the Girls Gone Wise study and encourage the wise women in your life:

  • A bright, beautiful Girls Gone Wise latte mug,. These mugs are an ongoing reminder for you to keep pursuing wisdom. 
  • With its vibrant 2-tone color, 24” handles, and distinct Girls Gone Wise branding, this spanky tote bag is perfect for carrying to your Bible study!
  • These funky, fun buttons display the message: “I’m a Girl Gone Wise . . .  are you?” Pin them on as a mark of your commitment to be a Girl Gone Wise. They’re sure to catch attention and stimulate some interesting conversation.  

Makes a great gift for a friend!

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