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How to Lead Your Child to Christ  (hardcover)

Bobbie Wolgemuth, Robert Wolgemuth


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Help Your Child Know, Receive, and Follow Christ

Christian parents have no greater privilege than to introduce their children to God’s grace. How to Lead Your Child to Christ, written for parents by Robert Wolgmuth and his late first wife, Bobbie, will teach you how to communicate biblical truth so that your child will be ready to accept God’s gift of grace—His invitation to follow Him. Filled with useful ideas to make Christ the center of your home and help your children grow in their faith and ten stories to read aloud with your children, helping them to better understand what it means for Christ to be their Savior and Friend, these resources will help you to experience the joy and privilege that comes from passing on your faith to your kids!

Cover: Hardcover

Print Length: 128

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