She Calls Me Daddy

She Calls Me Daddy

Robert Wolgemuth


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As a father, have you ever felt anxious or uncertain about raising your daughter? Put those fears to rest as you learn to lead, love, and cherish your daughter. In his best-selling book, Robert Wolgemuth guides you through the challenges and wonderful times that are waiting for you with a special young lady—your daughter. Updated with input from Robert’s now-grown daughters and their husbands who are also daddies to girls, this book builds on seven foundational elements: protecting your daughter, teaching the art of conversation, expressing affection, disciplining appropriately, creating laughter, instilling strong faith in God, and demonstrating proper conduct. Best of all, you’ll learn to make an investment in the life of a girl who, someday, will become one of her dad’s closest friends.

Soft cover, 230 pages
5.5 x 0.6 x 8.5 inches

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