Priceless: Who Am I When I Feel


Linda and Jen Barrick


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What if your daughter’s propensity for “feeling all the feels” is actually a good thing?

Teens and tweens have a reputation for letting their emotions get the best of them, so much so that we often wonder if everyone would be better off if these young women could feel just a little less. But these emotions play an important role in the spiritual lives of young women, and, when they learn to direct them rightly, their feelings can be a powerful force for good in their lives, homes, and schools.

In this 30-day devotional for young teen girls, Jen Barrick, with the help of her mom, Linda Barrick, compiled her own real-life prayers with passages from Psalms in order to speak directly to the heart of young women. It will teach these teens and tweens how to cultivate a deep, emotional relationship with the God who loves them.

Soft cover, 208 pages
5.25 x 7.5 inches

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