True Girl Discover the Secrets of True Beauty Set

True Girl Discover the Secrets of True Beauty – Set

Dannah Gresh


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Is your tween prepared for what’s ahead?

It used to be that middle school was the time to talk to kids about topics like modesty and body image. Unfortunately, the at-risk demographic for distorted views on the body is now girls ages 8–10. Fortunately, Dannah Gresh has provided a resource for this need.

True Girl is geared to helping tween girls understand their dignity in Christ. It features a creative self-help text format that includes sidebars, quizzes, games, exploded quotes, and graphics to help them absorb the message.

The heart behind True Girl is a desire to teach tween girls how valuable they are and how to honor their God-given dignity. Ultimately, it’s about grounding girls in their identity in Christ so the tumultuous teen years don’t uproot them. 

The True Girl Kit includes a copy of both True Girl as well as the companion coloring book devotional True Girl Mom-Daughter Devos. The two books come in a unique, specially-designed box.


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