Seeking Him Super Bundle (Case of 24 and Video Set)

Seeking Him – Super Bundle – Case of 24 and Video Set

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth


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Seeking Him Ministry Bundle includes 24 copies of the Seeking Him book and a set of twelve accompanying messages on DVD and USB.



Seeking Him is a Bible study that helps you move forward in the faith by casting your gaze upon God—the key to personal revival. When you encounter God, the revival that comes is not just an emotional touch; it’s a complete transformation, one that happens in your heart and spills out into your home, church, and world.



In this 12-week interactive study on personal revival, you’ll move step by step toward true joy in the Lord. Each week covers a critical concept or step for spiritual transformation, including:

  • Humility: coming to God on His terms
  • Repentance: the big turnaround
  • Grace: God’s provision for every need
  • Holiness: a heart like His
  • Obedience: the acid test of love
  • Forgiveness: setting your captives free
  • The Spirit-filled life: God’s power in you
    and more

Seeking Him is grounded in the gospel and gets you into Scripture, moving you through the portions verse-by-verse. Each week includes five days of individual study, questions for group discussion and interaction, testimonies of changed lives, and ‘Making it Personal’ questions and exercises. 

God says that if you seek Him you will find Him. Don’t wait. Lay hold of the promises and instruction He provides and find that His grace sustains you to know Him, love Him, and have true and abundant life in Him, starting today. Order Seeking Him and begin taking those steps as soon as you can.

(Paperback, 7.5 x 10, ©2019)

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