Yuzi's False Alarm

Yuzi’s False Alarm

Dannah Gresh, Chizuruoke Anderson


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Yuzi Ukachi has every right to be mad. Because of her dad’s job, their family has moved a lot, so it’s always been tough to make friends. Now his job has landed Yuzi in possibly the smallest town on the planet: Marion, Ohio—the Popcorn Capital of the World.

Her mom volunteered her to wear a totally embarrassing costume to the Popcorn Festival, and at school she ends up in detention for something she did not do! When she opens up to the three girls she meets in detention, she’s invited into the True Girl Club. The club’s adventures teach her that revenge isn’t always the sweetest end to a story.

Softcover, 92 pages
5.5 x 7.25 inches

Weight 4.00 oz

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