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Mary: Becoming A Girl of Faithfulness

Dannah Gresh


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Mary Wasn’t Perfect . . . But She Was Faithful

Mary was living the life of an ordinary girl. But all that changed when an angel came to her with an invitation to be a part of God’s super big, ginormous plan to save the world. To be a part of God’s big plan she had to give up her plans. She didn’t understand everything, but she knew it was going to be difficult. Even so, Mary said yes! Because she was faithful. 

In Mary, Becoming a Girl of Faithfulness, a six-week True Girl Bible study by Dannah Gresh, you’ll enter Mary’s story and learn how you can become a girl of faithfulness. God doesn’t need the best athletes, the most beautiful girls, or the exceptionally talented to do great things for Him. He just needs an ordinary girl who is willing to say, “Yes.” 

Cover: Softcover

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